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The Sea Turtle Camp Separated from the country town Of San Francisco de Coyote By half a day’s sweaty tramp, Past the farms and jungle roads, You will find the sea turtle camp. Here I lived in a tent made of driftwood With every kind of bird and beast. A […]


The Immortal Jelly (Turritopsis dohrnii) ~ A Soliloquy When I’m feeling under the weather, a tiny speck so vastly vaulted, When I’m tired, stressed, and feeling emotionally assaulted, When I can’t seem to swim off my sense of loneliness and deep frustration, I remember that I am the only creature […]


Where The Wind Felt At Home

Where The Wind Felt At Home (For M.R.C.) I am the wind, And the wind moves along According to its path, whistling its song. But when I nestled in the hollow of your heart Circulating in that vase-like cavity, It brought me right back to where I started   Between […]