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Global Conservation

Plastics – A Global Health Problem

Plastics – A Global Health Problem Plastic pollution is a global problem and a part of our physically interconnected world. Even on the most remote isles you can’t get away from it.  In fact, these are the places where ocean currents transport plastic debris and collect it on beaches in […]


Tāhuahua Grain by golden grain Rolling aeolian rhythms Erode and accrete  Collectively dynamic and responsive Undulating between swale and slack The incipient head cresting The rear weighty and established, Assembling a home for stinging wasps Kororā and Katipo spiders, Interlacing silk between the flax   Serpentine crescents Criss-cross and cascade, […]



A North Island Fairy Tale  (Respectfully inspired by, but not based on, Māori folklore of Aotearoa and by Te Reo Māori, with select words in Te Reo) Rā, the beaming sun, had a lover Queen of the clouds and of Ua, the rain Precious Wai that was needed to water the […]


Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Windy Wellington

Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Windy Wellington   I miss the sad wind blowing, With cool indifference as it whips Pasted concert fliers off the weather beaten walls Of a seaside fish and chips.   I miss the local people, Who like the seaside flaxes Are sharp and quiver with determination, Their resounding […]