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Coastal-Marine Conservation in New Zealand's North Island

Aboriginal Stewardship of North Stradbroke Island / Minjerribah, AU

Conservation on North Stradbroke Island / Minjerribah, AU One of the world’s largest sand islands, North Stradbroke Island, or Minjerribah to the Aboriginals who inhabited it for tens of thousands of years before Anglo settlers, has a University of Queensland research station where my class went to study tropical conservation […]

Global Conservation

Bioluminescence, Silent Language of the Sea

“Bioluminescence” is a little understood, but fundamental and widespread phenomenon in the marine biosphere.  The water column provides few places to hide and wherever the sun shines there is the risk of being seen by a predator. Indeed, the largest migration in the animal kingdom is the daily escape by […]



The Sea Turtle Camp Separated from the country town Of San Francisco de Coyote By half a day’s sweaty tramp, Past the farms and jungle roads, You will find the sea turtle camp. Here I lived in a tent made of driftwood With every kind of bird and beast. A […]

Coral Restoration in the Caribbean, Scientific Illustrations & Visual Aids

Lion Fish – Scourge of the Caribbean

What Are Invasive Species?  The word “ecosystem” can refer to our entire biosphere – interconnected through atmospheric gases, ocean currents, and global weather patterns that affect vast areas, or to more specific, self-reliant systems that can be thought of as smaller ecological units. Islands are the classic example of ecosystems […]


A Procession with a Porpoise

  On February 17th, 2018, on a perfectly sunny morning in the volcanic valley of Mexico City, my place of birth and the city where my uncles and cousins reside still, I joined hundreds of people outside the severe, cement architecture of the Tamayo Modern Art Museum and National Anthropology […]


2018 Educational Resource on Climate Change for CEDO

The compounding impacts of anthropogenic (man caused) climate change pose the most significant and immediate threat to the wellbeing of communities in the Desert Southwest, and indeed throughout the developing world. In the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) many coastal communities, including the eight communities of the far northern […]


2019 Educational Resource on Sustainable Fisheries for CEDO

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) in collaboration with local fishermen in eight coastal fishing communities of the northern Gulf of California (the Sonoran Corridor), along with various government and non-government institutions in both the US and Mexico, building on a foundation of forty years […]